Answers to FAQs


Answers to FAQs

As a consumer, please contact our Consumer Service to obtain more information about our products. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions below: Perhaps you might find the answer to your question here? If not, please get in touch with us!



FAQ - Ragolds

What is Ragolds history?

Oliver Schindler is today carrying on a 3rd generation family tradition that was started in 1887 in Karlsruhe by Adolf Speck. 1924 the banker Karl Schindler took over the RAGOLDS company as a family business and inherited it to Jörg Schindler who made it into an international recognized undertaking. He created several well known, groundbreaking functional brands as for example Velamints, the first sugarfee Mint in the USA, Granini, Gletschereis, Rachengold and Atemgold.

Since 2006 RAGOLDS is based in the north of Germany and produces high quality sweets with the newest technology. Since 2013 brands as Velamints are being refurbished and new brands and product concepts developed in cooperation with the Managing Director Jörg Viader.

What is RAGOLDS corporate mission?

““Through brand leadership, we want to set standards & lead the fuse of “good for you” and “pure happy, tasting pleasure.”

How does Ragolds suport it´s employees?

The health and commitment of our employees is very important to us. It is our wish that every employee enjoys coming to work every day. We sport the principle of an open door policy and always have an open ear to any questions, sorrows or needs.

We are a family oriented company and have a company Kindergarden whichs opening hours match the shift times of our factory workers. Also fitness is something we promote. Our company own fitness studio is 150m2 large and can be used, free of charge, 24 hours a day.

Who can I contact if I have questions, suggestions or complaints?

Are you looking for information about our products? Or do you want to tell us about your wishes, praise or complaints? Our Customer Care Service is there for you:

Ragolds GmbH
Gülzer Straße 15
19258 Boizenburg / E.

Phone: +49 3 88 47-33 59 0
Fax: +49 3 88 47-33 59 719
E-Mail: info(at)

You are also welcome to use the contact form.



When was the brand VELAMINTS® established?

In 1977 the brand VELAMINTS® conquered the US-market as the first sugar free mint.

What kind of products are available under VELAMINTS®?

VELAMINTS® offers a wide range of Mint and Gum products. For more detailed information you can visit our Brand area.

What is so special about VELAMINTS® Fresh Mints?

Besides the stylisch appearance of the delicious mints it´s all about the ingredients: VELAMINTS® Fresh Mints is only produced with natural flavors and with no colors at all. An extra bonus to the intense freshness-kick is the use of the Stevia-plant as a sweetener.

How can the VELAMINTS® mint tin be opend?

The VELAMINTS® tin offers a simple opening and closing mechanism. The easiest way to open it is to hold the tin between your thumb and forefinger of one hand, while putting the thumb of your other hand in the mold on the front of the tin. With the thumb lying on the mold you can easily push open the tin in the direction of the arrow on the tin.

What is so special about VELAMINTS® White Gums?

VELAMINTS® White Gum offers a unique 3-layered look. The top and bottom layers consist of a refreshing mint, while the middle layer is comprised of a delicious, long lasting gum with encapsulated technology for the kick of extra freshness. Additionally Natrium Bicarbonate is used for a bright white smile.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a mixture of substances which is gained from the plant Stevia rebaudiana (“sweetleaf“ or “honeyherb”), which is used as a sweetener.

Is this product suitable for diabetics?

VELAMINTS® Fresh Mints, as well as VELAMINTS® White Gum are 100% sugarfree and therewith suitable for diabetics.

What is the difference between Spearmint and Peppermint?

The two plants have distinct tastes, with that of Spearmint coming mainly from a compound called carvone, which is relatively light and sweet in flavor. Peppermint owes most of its taste to menthol, which has a mild anesthetic and cooling effect.

What does „natural mint flavor with other natural flavors“ mean?

“Natural mint flavor”: This flavor is exclusively or at least by 95% made of mint (e.G. mint extract). “With other natural flavors“: With this flavor the mint percentage is below 95%. Other natural flavor compounds or flavor extracts may have been added, that do not stem from the mint.

Are children able to eat VELAMINTS®?

Of course children can eat VELAMINTS®. However, please pay attention to the health warning “Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.”

What is phenylalanine?

Phenylalanine is a component of peptides and proteins. The indication “Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine” means, that the product contains the sweetener aspartame. This sweetener releases phenylalanine during the digestion process. This notice is important for people who are on a phenylalanine-free diet due to medical reasons.

Do the VELAMINTS® products contain lactose?

No, the VELAMINTS® products are free of any milk components.

Do VELAMINTS® products contain components of animal origin?

No. Therefore, they are vegetarian and vegan!

Are additional preservatives used?

No, the Velamints-products don´t contain any additional preservatives.

What are the best storage conditions for this product?

It´s best to store the products in a cool and dry place. Please protect the products from direct sunlight and high humidity.


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